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Oberrō Artist-run Residencies (OARs)


OARs are art residencies run by the participating artists themselves. The aim of OARs is to become a space where artists from different backgrounds and regions can meet and engage with each other, without a pre-determined setting.

The structures of each residency are shaped by the artists and as the group is formed. The location, themes, projects, activities and formats of each residency are then proposed and developed on a case-base process, shaped by the needs and interests of each particular group and scenario.

In OARs, artists can develop their projects independently and/or propose projects collaboratively. The focus is on the communal aspect of the residency, where spaces, tools and knowledge can be shared.

OARs is a project developed through Oberrō


OARs started in 2018 and was developed for the first time in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.


OAR Sarajevo Artists

OAR Sarajevo 2018


OAR Sarajevo VR Installation

OAR Sarajevo 2018

  • White Cube (The House on Top of the Hill), Lia Carreira
  • Corruption, Bengü Özakıncı and Daníel Eldjárn
  • Skin, Alex Yang
  • Untitled, Fred Becker

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You can find the documentation of the Residencies and their activities in our Github Wiki page.


Oberrō is a communal project in which practitioners from multiple fields and regions can engage and develop collaborative and experimental practices. More about Oberrō here